CleanSlate Increases Indiana’s Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction with New Outpatient Center in Lafayette

Lafayette, IN – CleanSlate Centers, a national leader in outpatient addiction medicine, has expanded its presence in Indiana with the opening of a new medication-assisted treatment (MAT) center in Lafayette. Located at 30 Professional Court, Suite #2, CleanSlate’s Lafayette center marks the company’s twelfth treatment center for opioid and alcohol addictions in the state of Indiana, and its fifty-second center across the country.

“More people are becoming aware of the critical role that medication plays in treating the disease of addiction, and we see the demand for CleanSlate’s life-saving services increasing as we grow,” said Anthony Belott, Chief Development Officer of CleanSlate. “We’re eager to quickly respond to the urgent need in Indiana so that we can treat every patient who reaches out to us for help.”

Many of CleanSlate’s current patients in other parts of the state are driving 70 miles or more from Lafayette and the surrounding areas to receive treatment. “Opening a center that is convenient to the Lafayette community increases Indiana’s access to treatment for the disease of addiction and reduces one more barrier to recovery,” said Rachael Thompson, Regional Managing Director for CleanSlate.

Expanding rapidly to save lives

CleanSlate currently cares for nearly 2,000 patients in Indiana and has plans to open as many as nine more centers in the state through 2019. Aside from Lafayette, the company also has Indiana centers in AlexandriaAndersonBloomingtonElkhartEvansvilleFort WayneE. IndianapolisN. IndianapolisKokomoMerrillville and Muncie.

CleanSlate has treated more than 35,000 patients over the past decade, with 11,000 patients currently being treated across 51 centers nationwide. The company’s program of care includes appropriate medication-assisted treatment (MAT) prescribed by licensed medical providers, as well as clear accountability, supportive counseling and care coordination. CleanSlate is actively growing its footprint to expand much-needed access to outpatient medication treatment for addiction.

The Lafayette center is being opened by seasoned CleanSlate staff from other Indiana centers. One of the center’s new employees, Aimee Green, brings the kind of personal experience with addiction that is typical of many CleanSlate staff.

Lafeyette manager leverages personal experience with addiction

Green, who is the Center Manager in CleanSlate Lafayette, grew up the daughter of a father who struggled with alcoholism before achieving recovery, which has lasted for 45 years and counting.

But addiction continues to plague the Green family. Aimee has buried both of her brothers in the past five years due to alcoholism; Terry died at the age of 51, Tim at the age of 52.

Four years ago, Green discovered that her daughter, Olivia, had developed an addiction, one that started with Xanax and alcohol in college then proceeded to painkillers, heroin and meth.

“I have spent the past three years practicing various versions of tough love,” Green notes. “I have done tons of reading and learning to figure out how to cope with this situation and help my daughter.”

Today, Olivia has achieved almost one year of recovery through a variety of different treatment paths. But the road has been grueling, including several relapses and an overdose that led to hospitalization and life support. A year ago, on Christmas Day, Green had her own daughter arrested for robbing the family home.

“It was a mother’s worst nightmare,” remembered Green. “But jail is where she turned the corner. Today, Olivia has a great job, new friends, and she’s about to get her own place. I have the most hope that I have had in a very long time.”

Like many other employees at CleanSlate, Green is excited to use her personal experience to help others.

“This is a dream come true for me,” said Green. “The treatment model at CleanSlate is built on science and empathy, and it’s my passion to help others suffering from addiction. I have to pinch myself: how am I so lucky to end up with this job that will save so many lives?”

To find out more details about CleanSlate’s center in Lafayette, click here. To make an appointment, call 765-838-1218.