Nashville-Based Lucent Health and Narus Health Forge Strategic Partnership

Lucent Health, a leading healthcare risk management and administrative services company, and Narus Health, a highly specialized, patient-centric care management company, have joined forces in a strategic partnership. Collectively, they bring a new level of healthcare solutions to self-insured employers. In the U.S. each year, employers and their employees spend over $1 trillion dollars on health benefits. The Lucent-Narus solution helps employers curb unnecessary costs and gives them full access and transparency into their healthcare data, while simultaneously improving the healthcare experience for employees and their caregivers.

“For too many people, healthcare just happens – often causing frustration, expense, and lack of certainty. What people prefer is to have someone truly listen, provide personal support and offer specific guidance for them and their family,” said Lucent Health CEO Brett Rodewald. “Our relationship with Narus Health means we can engage the member at the very beginning of their medical journey and remain proactively engaged thereafter in a valuable way; we’re delighted to have this opportunity to work exclusively with the leadership of Narus Health and their care delivery team.”

A former corporate CEO, Rodewald faced the same challenges in trying to manage rising healthcare expenditures with limited access to useful data. He founded Lucent Health four years ago to offer self-insured employers quicker, more efficient claims processing and anytime access to their healthcare data. Today, Lucent has a growing list of clients across the U.S. and offices in Nashville, Dallas, Sacramento, and Madison, WI.

Dr. Michael Burcham founded Narus Health two years ago. His goal was to create a solutions company that provided innovative, responsive, expert support and advocacy directly to the patient and their caregivers. As a veteran healthcare executive and entrepreneur, Burcham recruited a seasoned leadership and care team who carry out this goal every day. Narus Health designed a flexible, mobile-optimized care management program built on a proprietary platform called CompassionTM. The result of these efforts is a service that allows professional medical teams to deliver highly personalized support around the clock in a model that scales to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Burcham and Rodewald quickly saw the opportunity of a strategic partnership between their two firms. The agreement brings to market a completely new style and scope of care management service. With Lucent’s proven track record in claims processing and data analytics and Narus’ expertise in delivering personalized care through sophisticated technology, their combination promises to provide needed support in ways that, until now, weren’t easily possible. Not only are their results expected to meet the needs of individuals and caregivers where they are in their healthcare experience, the service will deliver cost savings for both the member and employer.

“We’ve all been touched by a medical crisis or known someone close to us who has been impacted that way. Narus Health is thrilled to be a part of the Lucent Health family and collaboratively bring to the Employer market a care solution that’s personalized and tailored to the Member and their family. We care for the Member’s experience within their healthcare benefit plan and we are committed to reducing costs in very real terms,” said Narus Health CEO, Michael Burcham.

“Employers have grown tired of the status quo. They want an accurate line of sight to what they spend on healthcare and the value it brings to their people,” says Rodewald. “Employers make a real financial investment when offering health benefits to their employees, so it’s not unreasonable for them to expect impactful results that are meaningful and hassle-free. The Lucent-Narus solution is positioned to do that very thing.”